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Today your MCL team put together a plan to deal with National Disasters that impacts our Marines. The Executive Board including the Foundation President and Treasurer had a telecon and established the criteria for a Marine Corps League Disaster process to help our Marines in areas where disasters occur.

We established a disaster donate and request for aid process this afternoon and it will be put in place for Texas, Louisiana and any disaster in the future. The Foundation will be the lead because of their 501c3 status and every corporation and other non-profit can donate to the Foundation and designate “Disaster Relief”. The Foundation then will provide relief to MCL Departments and Detachments.

We will be updating our communication to the membership as soon as the Foundation creates the documents. We should be operational by Monday. In the meantime send donations to Marine Corps League Foundation and mark the donations, Disaster Relief fund. We have set up a special account at Wells Fargo Bank. This will be a restricted fund for disaster only and different rules as required for Marines needing help. Departments and Detachments are our boots on the ground for vetting and delivering aid. In the near future you will see a new Quick Reaction Team set up for handling these disasters and will be mobilized as required.

Will keep you posted on updates and the documents... including the web sites...

Thank you for your support,

Semper Fidelis,
Wendell W. Webb
National Commandant and CEO
Marine Corps League
Phone - 314-705-0595
Emergency Disaster Relief Assistance Information
MCL Request for Assistance Form